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Sound recording to suit you! Our custom-built, acoustically treated, live room can cater for everything from a single vocal to a large band or ensemble. At Circa 16, you'll find a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere in which to record. We want you to have the best possible creative experience during your time at the studio. The studio's live room is efficient - with access to a range of tie lines and headphone cue mix options - and adaptable. The room is designed to provide a dry, controlled, sound but a range of mobile panels can be used to introduce a more lively, open, acoustic character. Excellent sight lines between the studio's control room and live room, and a range of amplifier isolation boxes very much encourage live tracking.  
The studio, situated in the heart of Dumfries, Scotland, is not genre-specific, and our experienced, professional engineers and producers are on hand to assist in all musical styles. An enviable equipment collection, and mic locker, make sure the highest quality tools are available to both you, and our engineers.
The majority of our work is recording and mixing entire projects from start to finish in the studio, but we are equally at home using our portable system to record in interesting sounding spots "on location".
We approach every project differently and try to find a workflow that works for your creative process and budget. Ultimately, our goal is to produce a great record for you. Day rates, half day, and dry hire rates available. Please contact us to discuss your project.
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