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Circa 16 offers a high quality mix service in-house, using the studio's hardware and software collection. Mixing can be booked as sit-in sessions to accompany  the engineer as they work or simply send your multitrack stems in for mixing  and we'll return completed mixes to you.
At Circa 16, we have a humble and creative approach to our mixes. We will talk you through what you are looking to achieve before we begin, and allocate an engineer to best serve your material, genre and budget. We're happy to hear what you envisage for your tracks, and will listen to any references you provide. We're not fond of presets here, and will utilise the equipment and processes we feel will give you the best results - be that an old, buckled, tape machine or a modern, high fidelity, EQ. 
Mixes are charged on a "per song" basis with two free mix revisions per piece. Preferential rates are offered on larger projects such as EPs or albums.
Check out our previous work and contact us for a quote on your project!
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