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Sound recording to suit you. Our custom-built, acoustically treated, live room can cater for everything from a single vocal to a large band or ensemble. Experienced, professional engineers and producers are on hand to assist in all musical styles. We approach every project differently and try to find a workflow that works for your creative process  and budget. Day rates and hourly rates available for the recording studio or "on-location". Please contact us to discuss your project.

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High quality mixing using the studio's hardware and software collection. Mixing sessions can be booked as sit-in sessions to accompany and guide the engineer as they work or simply send your multitrack sessions, or stems, in for mixing with notes and references and we'll return to you. Mixes are charged on a "per song" basis with two free mix revisions per piece. Preferential rates are offered on larger projects such as EPs or albums.

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Use our pool of top drawer session musicians from the comfort of your own home or studio. Whether you can't physically get to the studio, or want to add fresh players to your recordings, we can track for you remotely. Simply send in your track with a short brief and we can add high quality audio, or midi, parts for you and send it back. Ideal for parts that are tricky to track at home or on-the-go such as drums! Rates begin at only £50 per track. Contact us for more information.

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