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Use our pool of top drawer session musicians from the comfort of your own home or studio. Whether you can't physically get to the studio, don't know a drummer, or want to add fresh players to your recordings, we can record for you remotely. Simply send in your track with a short brief and we can add high quality audio, or midi, parts for you and send it back. This method is ideal for parts that are tricky to track at home or on-the-go such as drums!
We can accept a range of commonly accepted audio file formats such as wav, aiff & mp3 as well as Garageband, Logic Pro and Pro Tools session files. You can provide sheet music, or even send over audio examples of the parts you'd like recorded to make sure we get just what you're looking for.
Several professional players, engineers and producers are available and we'll put in those that best serve your work. At Circa 16, we believe in being as adaptable as possible - that's why we use the best in vintage gear and methods alongside the most modern and up-to-date production aides to track your parts. Rates begin at only £50 per instrument track.
Check out our services and contact us for a quote on your project!
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