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The First Records Are Done!


It's been a busy couple of months here at Circa 16! I'm pleased to have got the studio in good enough shape to run a few sessions and really put the place through it's paces.

First up was an album of material from local punk/pop punk disciples 13 Crowes. Having done some location recording for the band's debut EP last year, it was nice to have them back in with some great new material. The album is finished and out on CD and Vinyl through Homebound Records. 

Another long-time-no-see client, drummer Euan Leslie, stopped by to lay down some drum tracks for Italian guitar virtuoso, Alessandro Meynardi. Fans of Steve Vai / Joe Satriani will love this. I'll give you a heads up when this one's out! 

July was topped off by a few promo tracks for blues outfit, Redfish. They came in seeking a very live, in-the-room, vibe so we tracked entirely live, all in the same room, with no click track and man-alive the results were cookin'! Catch them live at Carlisle Blues festival on September 30th!

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