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Nine Below Zero On The Outside

Updated: Mar 23, 2018

I can't believe February is almost over! We've had such great stuff cross our door this month. I've loved the considerable amount of blues and roots work that has been in. In particular, Redfish laying down a couple of excellent contemporary interpretations of some old numbers for a forthcoming EP has been a lot of fun. We took a "live" approach to the recordings, setting the whole band up in the one room, embracing the spill between microphones and instruments to capture that unique moment in time and the "feel" of the performance became the focus. It flowed really well and produced great results for the band.

Our live, "in-session" videos have been very warmly received and are now available via the video page on the website. Check out 13 Crowes in action here:

Finally, for the gear-heads amongst you, we'd like to share a discount from our friends at Waves - a 10% off voucher from one of the best plug-in developers in the business. Personally, I'd go with the Scheps 73! Claim your ten, here:

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