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Merry Christmas

Updated: Jan 18, 2018


Winter is such a great time to be working in the studio. You can shut out the dreich Scottish winter, get a pot of coffee on, and get stuck into some  creative projects. Franky's Evil Party have just this minute cleared the studio floor of the largest number of fuzz pedals I've personally ever seen in one go and they're off into the darkness leaving me to edit and mix tracks for their upcoming EP.  I've hugely enjoyed having the band in and helping them get their vision to tape. This is what i can only describe as disco, for the deranged. There are clear psychobilly and punk influences in there with a really great twist of more hardcore dance music and disco. Please look out for this release and check the band out live - a must see.

We've also welcomed long-time supporter of the studio, Grant Dinwoodie in this month to work on some solo material. More than anything, I've very much enjoyed getting back to playing instruments for these tracks. Arranged and recorded, this is due to be mixed in January for a 2018 release. Loving your work there Grant! Don't forget to check on our Facebook page for all the latest news and "behind the scenes" snaps!

Oh, and Merry Christmas everyone!

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