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Guitar Upgrades!


I've thought long and hard about the studio audio routing during the build. I wanted to make sure it was as flexible as possible, and also as quick and efficient as possible for both musicians and engineers. Building on to the control room signal routing, I've been installing the guitar wiring of late. I've opted for racking the amplifier heads in the control room, with speaker lines run to the live room. I personally prefer to be able to alter the amplifier tone whilst listening to the microphone signal in the control room. The speaker lines enable players to quickly switch to any head and cabinet combination with minimal lifting and re-wiring. A couple of buffered instrument lines from room-to-room were added enabling the performer to play in either the control room or live room - everyone has their own preferences there! Finally, a couple of hardwired "re-amp" lines were added to enable us to easily send a recorded guitar part back through any of our amplifiers to alter the mic'd up tone after the initial performance. Hugely useful if the song changes direction or you love a particular take but want to tweak tone a little. Loving the new guitar flexibility!! You can get a feel for our amplifier collection on our equipment page here.

On the session front, we've just said goodbye to the wonderful RioMacRae who have just tracked some acoustic material in at the studio. All the best guys, and safe travels! Here is a nice shot of Fred by the talented photographer, Sam Finch.

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