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#3 Roisin Murphy, "Roisin Machine"

Selector #3 is Les- 1/2 of the funky duo Double Down Disco. The album Les selected for this month is Roisin Murphy, "Roisin Machine". Have a read at our quick interview below..

Visual from our Instagram feature

How did you discover the album?

Roisin posted videos regularly on Instagram during the lockdowns and I think a lot of fans felt invested in this release because we saw so much of the work behind the scenes. She was also one of the last performers I saw live, pre-Covid lockdowns, at Homobloc in Manchester in November 2019 and she was spectacular. Roisin Murphy at SWG3 in Glasgow in September was also the first ‘proper’ gig I went to after the end of restrictions, so she’s kind of bookended the pandemic restrictions for me.

When do you listen to this album?

After I close the pub, I get a nice cold drink and blast this album through the PA while I’m cleaning - it’s very satisfying!

Why did you choose this album?

Like I say, I think Roisin was an artist that kept me going through the seemingly endless lockdowns so the album really resonates now we’re getting back to gigs and parties and dance floors.

What’s your favourite track off of the album?

Tricky, but I’ll say ‘Incapable’ - nice hook, great lyrics and a superb vocal.

Click here to listen to Les' playlist, including tracks by Hot Chip and Grace Jones.

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